GYO Lighting offers the best Grow Lights and accessories on the market using the newest technologies. LED and LEC lighting have many advantages over traditional light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, efficient focused customized color spectrum lighting to obtain the highest plant yields. The choice of growth lights depend on your application and needs, whether it is a small indoor garden, grow room or larger commercial greenhouse. 


GYO Garden's mission is working with individuals and Business to spread the "Grow Your Own" culture through products such as organic nutrients and soils, lighting technology, hydroponic and aquaponic equipment, and other products needed to grow indoors and outdoors. Through their knowledgeable staff, they have built strong relationships with their customers and the community. GYO Garden Grow serves a community of commercial and urban cultivators growing specialty crops including organics, greens and plant-based medicines, and flowering plants. Unlike the traditional agricultural industry, these cultivators use innovative indoor and outdoor growing techniques to produce specialty crops in highly controlled environments. This enables them to produce crops at higher yields without having to compromise quality, regardless of the season or weather and drought conditions.  


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